Food and Nutrition

Senior School food and nutrition lesson
Food and nutrition lesson at Senior School

Food and Nutrition is taught by two members of staff and supported by a classroom assistant.

The aims of the department are:

  • To cultivate a positive attitude towards health and well being
  • To discriminate in the choice of materials and resources related to food and nutrition
  • To enable pupils to develop initiative and co-operation to work with others
  • To encourage inventiveness, originality and academic rigour
  • To develop analytical skills
  • To develop a critical approach to government initiatives regarding eating habits and trends
  • To help pupils adapt to rapid technological changes and the growth of scientific knowledge

Food and nutrition is taught in Years 7-9 and is taught in groups of not more than twenty with practical work making up a high proportion of the time.

Teaching and learning is all food and nutrition based, emphasising the sound understanding of nutritional guidelines. The topics studied include:

  • The practical skills necessary for the safe and correct preparation of foods
  • The balance of good health
  • Meal planning for specific groups e.g. vegetarians, adolescents and young children
  • The importance of protein and staple foods in the diet
  • The importance of key nutrients in the diet
  • The effective use of computer software to analyse diets

In addition pupils in Year 9 complete an individual research task which incorporates both practical skills and theoretical knowledge and encourages independent learning.

In Year 12 students have the opportunity to try their hand at cake making and sugar craft techniques.

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